Chapter Three

“Then where’d you sneak off to?”

“You were gone before I was. With that girl you met…what was her name?”

 “Shella. And good work trying to change the subject, Voss. I know there’s more than you’re letting on. Why were you home so late?”

 “I had a few drinks and then went for a walk. That’s all.”

 Blaise’s eyes narrowed. “You don’t trust me. After all these years. Fine. I get it!”

“Blaise, that’s not true, and you know it,” Eden laughed, meeting Blaise’s eyes. 

“No, but things are different now that you’ve been promoted, right? You have a reputation to uphold.  And we can’t have your stepdaddy knowing where you went last night. That would just be…unfortunate.”

Eden started at those words. “That’s nothing to joke about, and you know it. Tovar is…dangerous, Blaise.”

“What, we’re not allowed to go to Tartarus and have a little fun? No one would begrudge us a drink and a fuck.”

“It’s different for me, and you know it. I wish it didn’t have to be, but you know I’m…not his favorite person.” Eden trod lightly with his words, choosing them carefully. 

“Family issues aside, he’s the president, and you’re now a lieutenant in his military. You’re well-established. Nothing you do could get you in trouble, Eden. You’re the golden boy.” A twinge of familiar jealousy formed in Blaise’s expression. Since they were children, Eden had spent the better part of their friendship working to break down that jealousy, to replace it with unanimous trust and a sense of equality. But still, it remained like a wall erected between them. 

Copyright © 2020 – All rights reserved by Hellie Heat

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