Chapter One

Before Micah knew what was happening, Eden’s fingers were slipping inside the waistband of his pants, skin touching skin, a thick hand wrapping around his cock. He couldn’t suppress the moan that escaped him as Eden began stroking, a constant rhythm. 

“Take off your clothes,” Micah purred, his hands roving over Eden’s chest, tugging at his shirt so it slid down his shoulders.

Micah felt Eden’s breath stutter as he pulled away to bare himself. A thin swatch of golden hair decorated firm pectorals, trailing down beneath the band of his pants. Micah pulled him back in to run his fingers through that hair and over small pink nipples, relishing the breathless huff Eden released at the touch.

Slowly Micah’s hands trailed to Eden’s waist, to the button of his fly. Before Eden could hesitate or move to resist, Micah had him bared, sliding his pants down his perfectly rounded ass, to his ankles. 

“My boots,” Eden chuckled, and Micah glanced down to see that the pants he had so viciously removed were now caught around the thick leather of Eden’s boots. 

“Take them off,” Micah growled, his erection growing tighter, his need more urgent at seeing Eden standing before him, mostly naked and desperately aroused.

“As you command.” Eden’s voice was husky and filled with desire. As Eden bent to remove his boots, Micah did the same, watching the other man with hungry eyes. He had never felt a desire like this before, one so consuming and potent like a raging fire burning through his body. His mouth was dry, his limbs filled with jelly. But his cock hung rock solid between his legs. 

And then Eden stood completely naked before him, glorious and achingly beautiful, and it was all Micah could do to remain still as he approached. Eden slipped a gentle hand under Micah’s chin, tilting it and directing his eyes to gaze into the sea of churning blue. The touch felt like bolts of electric energy shocking his skin, and Micah licked his lips in anticipation. 

Copyright © 2020 – All rights reserved by Hellie Heat

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