Chapter One

“Do you always talk this much when you’re nervous?” he asked, winding his arms around the back of Eden’s neck, standing on his toes to do so. 

A wry smile pulled at Eden’s lips. He melted steadily into Micah’s touch, his breathing gradually increasing. “Yes…no…I’m sorry, I—”

“Stop apologizing,” Micah whispered, pulling Eden closer. “Come here.” 

Eden’s eyes fluttered closed, and Micah leaned in, pressing his lips to that perfectly shaped mouth. He breathed in Eden’s air, his breath quickening, and for a moment, time seemed to stand still, their bodies suspended in the thick, chill air. Eden felt so different than any man Micah had ever been with before. There was a gentleness mingling with his lust, a hesitancy, a bit of timidity. It was like sampling a completely new flavor Micah had never before tasted. And God, it felt like heaven on his tongue. 

As if he had gained a new level of courage at the press of Micah’s lips, Eden’s hands wound around Micah’s waist and tugged him closer. Their kiss intensified as Eden’s lips opened, parting Micah’s with his own. Micah couldn’t contain a groan as Eden’s hands roved over his ass, cupping him through the fabric of his pants. 

Eden’s tongue pushed into Micah’s mouth. He trembled as he clutched at Micah’s body. The force of his hunger spurred Micah on as he ran his hands over Eden’s muscular chest and began undoing the buttons of his shirt. Lust. Joy. Pleasure. Joy. Anxiety. Fear. Lust. Lust. Fear.

Eden gasped aloud, pulling away slightly, his eyelids fluttering. 

“Too fast for you, virgin?” Micah baited, a sly smirk pulling at his lips.

Eden grinned, seeming to catch his breath. “Not quite.” He pulled Micah back into him with forceful hands, hands that roamed and caressed. They made their way over Micah’s jacket and began pushing it off his shoulders. Slowly, Eden’s nimble fingers moved to Micah’s belt, tugging forcefully at the notches. 

Eden’s shirt, now completely unbuttoned, hung open to reveal the hard lines and muscular planes of his chest. The sight stirred something passionate and feral from deep within Micah. Without hesitation, he slipped a hand down Eden’s front, cupping his groin and basking in the groan of pleasure it elicited from Eden’s lips. 

Copyright © 2020 – All rights reserved by Hellie Heat

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